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Get Extra Value
Increasing Your Audience's Engagement

The all-in-one event management platform that makes your in-person or virtual B2B events & conferences more successful than ever before. Registration & ticketing, event networking, attendee check-in, badge printing and many more.
About us
The all-in-one event management platform, where everything the organizer and participant need is assembled

For visitors

  • No additional applications is required
  • Simple user interface
  • Anonymity of question authors
  • Like the question already asked and rate the speaker
  • Always up-to-date information about the program changes
  • Leave feedback about the event anytime
  • Visitor's personal account

For organizers

  • Creating event landing pages and custom registration forms
  • Auto-generation of personal QR-codes to manage event access
  • Statistics and reports generation
  • Managing an interactive agenda in one click
  • Managing email notifications
  • Biography of participants and organizers
  • Unlimited number of parallel locations in the event program and room layouts
  • Pre-moderated anonymous questions and real-time ratings of speakers
  • 7+ times more participant engagement during presentations

Organize events in desired format

A complete tool kit for organizing conferences from registration with access control to collecting feedback and analyzing results
Seminars and lectures
Easily create and publish seminar's landing page with agenda and registration forms
Get more engagement rate with anonymous student's questions, votes, live surveys and polls during lectures
Panel discussions
Easily create and publish event's landing page with agenda and registration forms
Connect even more with your audience with anonymous live questions & presentation votes
Provide live polls and votes during the presentation. Show all question and polls at the stage LED screen

Why inConfe?

Reducing Event preparation time
Saving time on preparing of paper printed agenda and feedback surveys, all-in-one tool to simplify the registration and access control of participants
Ease of use and attention to participants
A single web application with all the latest information about the event without additional installations
Increasing of audience engagement
Ask questions anonymously, rate presentations, participate in live polls, leave feedback during the event without paper questionnaires or a microphone

What customers say

"Before trying Confe we did a lot of pencil changes in paper-printed agenda during event, we might collect just 10% of visitor feedback using paper printed surveys and got just 2-4 questions per session with microphone.
With inConfe we got 7 times more questions per event and were able to collect and analyze extended client's feedback and provide report for R&D and Sales teams. We tested platform at 8 annual events (900 key visitors, 2-5 days event duration, 3 time zones)"
MarCom Manager @Emerson EPS (Roxar & Paradigm)

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